Standard Features Include
3 KW of Solar PV,

Solar Thermal or Hybrid Water Heating,

2000 gallon Rain Water tank, High efficenency HVAC system,

High quality wood windows, Stain Grade interior doors,

a Thermal Chimney,

and a one car carport.

The home above is upgraded to our  2 car vented "Green Garage" and has 6kw of solar.

Our homes have obtained City of Austin 5 Star Ratings, National HERS scores of 6 and Monthly Electrical Bills of -$1.44

Quality Construction Processes
We start with an engineered steel reinforced concrete slab, pre-assembled wall and roof panels that reduce waste, standardize detailing and provide superior strength.

Our panelized construction keeps the work site clean, safe and professional.

Home to some of the Greenest Homes in the Nation and

 The first TRUE Solar subdivision in Texas

Thermal Chimney
Each homes core is designed around a vertical shaft that lets air rise and exit the house via motorized windows in the spring and fall months, reheat the house in the winter or be re-cooled in the summer.   This is the single most important part of a True Solar Home.

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What is a True Solar Home
Unlike a tract home with a few solar panels on it, LCV homes are TRUE Solar homes.

Each home is designed from the ground up to be a Solar home and to maximize solar production for both electric and water heating.  We take advantage of the sun to help heat the house or control it during the summer months.


We utilize natural breezes via awning windows and high ceilings.

This is what makes a true solar home.

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