We are extremely happy to be living in a David Martin designed and built home.  Nowhere else can you find such a beautiful house with a 5 star green rating from the City of Austin.    This is absolutely the best house you can buy for the money if you are concerned about the footprint you leave on the environment and still want the creature comforts of other less energy efficient houses.  
And that's really the best part, no compromises were made on comfort or aesthetics. The house has definite curb appeal as well as an open floor plan, hardwood floors, a walk-in master closet, a media room, and high ceilings. We got exactly what we wanted and our friends always remark about how much they like our house when they're over. Thank you David, Martin Associates Architects and D. Martin Homes! 
Will and Kerri
3105 Sacbe Cove, Austin, Texas

I have been in the building supply business for 15 plus years and rarely do you come across true pioneers in our industry. I met one such gentleman,David Martin of Martin Associates Architects and D.Martin Homes,who Is developing the Las Casas Verdes subdivision. While working with BMCs Energy efficiency division,he showed me plans for a project that could revolutionize energy efficient building practices. His house design was a "normal" looking house that was designed for energy efficient living, but was also affordable. Most energy efficient houses are not appealingto look at and are usually very expensive to build and buy.
From the site orientation and building design as well as architecture, he has achieved an affordable home with "designed energy efficiency," that goes well beyond normal building practices. Understandably, as with most pioneers,he has faced difficulty and roadblocks. It is my hope that David's designed efficiencyis given the due diligence it deserves. With the energy concerns  our country  faces, gentlemen  like  David  can  help  us  become  more  energy independent consumers.

Benton Reed
BMC Building Supplies

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As I walk through our home I marvel daily that I am actually living in a magnificent piece of art.

David's creative genius and visionary architecture is visible throughout - both inside and outside.

David worked painstakingly with us in developing our home's plan to meet our needs and desires and to pleasingly fit onto our little piece of land.

Our home is full of light and beauty.


Sandy Ransom Fine Art

3112 Sacbe Cove, Austin, Texas

Telephone: 512-633-8557

 Email: d.martin@dmartinhomes.com